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HIU Service and Repairs in London


HIU breakdownandrepairs Ltd are delighted to see CIBSE have released their new district hot water guidance. 

The first one with recommendations specifically on HIUs. The document is back by National house building council and now recommends that DHW is generated at 50 degrees at the HIU ( previously 55 ) and delivered at 45 degrees at the tap within 45 seconds.  HIU Breakdownandrepairs will ensure the recommendations are implemented by our engineers during HIU servicing and repairs. We are looking forward to the benefits this will bring to heat networks, particularly how it will allow for lower primary return temperatures in return reducing the potential chances of damaging components inside the HIU.


HIU Service and Repairs in London




There are many misconceptions in the world of Heat Interface Units. One of them been that when you are experiencing a fluctuation in hot water at your HIU, a HIU service will resolve the issue. However this not necessarily the case and highlights the importance of a HIU service. The difference between a HIU service and a HIU repair are as follow; a HIU service will give you the earliest opportunities to find a HIU fault at its earlier stage and have the issues resolved before it becomes worst and at a low cost. 

HIU repair; a HIU repair can be daunting and also quite expensive thus stresses the importance of a regular HIU service. We recommend having your Heat Interface Unit serviced at least once a year.




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